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Originally born in Richmond, Elaine didn’t have to wander too far to find her passion for weddings (or to find the man that stole her heart and took her hand in marriage). Born both a true creative and planner, Elaine recalls creating poster boards at a young age of what her future would look like. Elaine adores all things “love” and had dreamt of her husband and her wedding day from an early age. She realized through going to school at Virginia Tech that her strong skill set included organization and time management. These skills along with a love for always dreaming up new wedding ideas led to her present career in wedding planning. She loves assisting the bride and groom through the most special time of their life together. Her favorite part about being involved in weddings is building a relationship with the bride and groom. For her, it makes the wedding day all the more special!

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10 Fun Things About Elaine

  1. My husband and I live on a boat. It is completely normal for me, as my parents have been living on a boat for 4 years now and I have grown up sailing since I was 12 years old. We love the simple and beach-y lifestyle
  1. I graduated second in my class. Virginia Tech Class of 2015; Public Relations.
  1. After graduating high school, unlike the typical summer before college, I moved to Ocracoke in the Outer Banks. I worked at a surf shop and learned how to surf.
  1. I have traveled to Australia, New Zealand, London, Mexico and over 35 states; mostly all before I was 12.
  1. I have never broken a bone…knock on wood!
  1. My dad was born in Alaska and adopted. His natives came over from Northern Europe. We are Finish, Swedish, and Norwegian.
  1. I was a ballerina growing up and performed in many Nutcracker productions.
  1. I am horrible at remembering song lyrics and movie quotes. I am great at remembering phone numbers, dates, and pretty much anything with numbers.
  1. I am a foodie and love to try different drinks. One day I would love to go on a trip solely based on eating and drinking, preferably in Europe.
  1. I love Netflix and Hulu. It’s what got me through college. If you need any recommendations on a good series to get into, just ask me!
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