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Mandy joined the Emily Weddings Team in February of 2012 and moved to Virginia Beach in June of 2012. She has earned a BS degree in Communication with a minor in Business Administration from Radford University. She has always had a passion for event planning and always added a helping hand when it came to coordinating events throughout her college years. Mandy brings enthusiasm and charm to each event. Hard working and always smiling, she is a joy to be around.  Mandy is hoping to soon become a licensed coordinator through The Association of Bridal Consultants.


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10 Fun Things About Mandy
1. I have been sking since I was TWO years old! My Dad is a ski/snowboard instructor at Wintergreen Ski Resort and has been since before I was born. I grew up on the mountain and wouldn’t have it any other way. If you visit Wintergreen and want an awesome instructor, let me know! I can hook you up!
2. I am a Delta Zeta and joined while attending Radford University. I was lucky enough to be elected the pledge class president. Apparently I was the only organized one! 🙂
3. When I graduated college in 2008, I was accepted into an internship program out in LA. I was there for two months and worked for an event company called Center of Attention. The biggest event I was lucky enough to help them with was a launch party for the Executives of Xbox at a beautiful mansion in Malibu! It was the same house Lady Gaga used for her Poker Face music video (look it up!).
3. My husband and I are big into Crossfit. We love competing and finally got the chance to compete together on a two person team this past December. We ended up making it to the finals and came in 5th place!!
4. Crazy quirk of mine…I ALWAYS fold my dinner napkin into a triangle when I’m done with my meal and place it on top of my plate. It drives me absolutely crazy when people ball up their napkins!
5. Not too many people know this, but I used to be a clogger when I was younger. We performed at many places including the VA State Fair. My team, the Rhythm Express Cloggers, were also invited to perform at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN for the National Clogging Convention in 1996. I was 10 years old!
6. I absolutely HATE it when people blow their nose in public or in front of me! It makes me cringe every time. It’s making me sqeamish just wriiting this!
7. My husband and I bought a house in July 2015 and adopted TWO puppies, from the same litter, that August. Everyone thought we were crazy but we wouldn’t have it any other way. They are the sweetest and definitely make our house a home!
8. I helped open Devils Backbone Brewery, in Roseland VA, back in November 2009. I was one of the first bartenders. I’m sure you have heard of their famous Vienna Lager!
9. I know they say rain is good luck on your wedding day, but what about hail and lighting!! About five minutes after my husband and I came inside from taking pictures in the vineyard, the lighting struck some of the metal wiring that held up the vines. It sounded like a BOMB went off. It was so scary!!

10. I went on a mission trip to Jamaica with my youth group when I was younger. Everyday we went to their beautiful church on the hill, over looking the blue waters and sang with the children. It was a wonderful experience!

* Bonus Fun Fact- Mandy loves working out. Her Clean and Jerk is 160 pounds!
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