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Andelyn Smith

Wedding Assistant with Emily Weddings

10 Fun Things About Andelyn

  1. When meeting people, I always say “My name is Andelyn and it rhymes with mandolin” to help them pronounce it correctly (I have found that a lot of people don’t actually know what a mandolin is).
  2. My name was actually taken from a family’s last name that owned a restaurant in Utah called “Andelin’s Gable House”.
  3. Growing up, my dad climbed the corporate ladder so we moved around a lot. I have lived in Utah, Nevada, California, Louisiana, Maryland, and now Virginia (by my own choosing).
  4. Every time I’ve moved to a new state, the former state got hit by a natural disaster shortly after. When I moved to California in 1997, Nevada experienced landslides. When I moved to Louisiana in 2008, the community I lived in California experienced severe wild fires. When I moved to Maryland in 2004, Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana. Just recently I moved to Virginia and my hometown’s main street in Maryland was wiped out by a flood. Let’s hope that I stick around for awhile 😉
  5. I was bitten by a kangaroo while visiting Australia and I still have the scar to prove it!
  6. I can do spiders, rodents, snakes, and pretty much any creepy crawly…but I LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN with frogs.
  7. I am known to be very spontaneous and in college, my two girlfriends and I went on a Spring Break road trip to Daytona Florida in my Volkswagen Beetle with the intentions of living in it for the week. Things ended differently and for the better and I have been a much better planner ever since.
  8. I am a donut enthusiast and I live one block from a Dunkin Donuts and eight blocks from a Duck Donuts but have been known to drive two hours for a “hot and ready” Krispy Kreme.
  9. I am a French Bulldog owner wannabe. I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to my future dog and lose all self control when I see a Frenchie in real life.   
  10. Event planning for me began at the young age of five years old, putting on live concerts, filmed fashion shows, wedding ceremonies, baptisms, and lavish birthday parties for my beanie babies and pets. Hospitality has always been a passion of mine and working for Emily Weddings has fulfilled my childhood dreams.


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