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Growing up in a military family, Rachel Brown has lived in the Hampton Roads area collectively for over 13 years. She earned her BS degree in Business Marketing from the University of Central Florida and soon after entered the world of event planning.  Rachel has over 10 years experience organizing more than 200 events including weddings, upscale children’s birthday parties, golf tournaments, athletic bike tours, and fundraising galas. Rachel’s favorite part of event planning is getting to watch everything come together and seeing the smiles it brings to people’s faces.  Some of her favorite work has been organizing events to raise money to make dreams come true for children with life threatening illnesses and helping couples pull off the wedding of their dreams. Rachel is licensed coordinator  through The Association of Bridal Consultants and has earned the designation of Professional Bridal Consultant. She is a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants.


Picture by Amanda Manupella Photography

10 Fun Things About Rachel

1. I am a total dog lover but I am obsessed with one breed in particular… Bichon Frise’s. I have no idea why, I’ve just always liked them a lot.  It started when I was a little girl (about 10) and I saw one in a pet shop (I know, don’t buy from pet shops!) and begged my mom to let me have her. Since then my whole family has only had Bichon’s. And no more pet shops. We get our pets from rescue organizations.

2. My husband and I met through my hair dresser. I was getting my hair done and complaining about not finding any good guys and she said, “I know a perfect guy for you but unfortunately he is dating somebody right now.” Luckily about 3 weeks later that relationship ended and my hairdresser set us up on a blind date (that she actually attended as well) at Tortilla West in Norfolk. We hit it off and the rest is history!

3. I have a 3 year old son who keeps me hopping. Before having kids there were so many things that I said “I will never do when I have kids”. Never drive a minivan, never let them drink soda, never let them sleep in my bed, etc. The list goes on! I can say, I have done all of the above and then some!

4. I will only go in water that I can see my feet. I am a picky gal when it comes to beaches. I have been fortunate enough to visit some pretty incredible beaches. It now scares me out to go in water that I can’t see my feet.

5. When I was attending college in Florida, my parents lived in Hawaii so I got to spend all of my college breaks and summers in Hawaii. THAT WAS THE LIFE!

6. I was a color guard gal in high school and college! Yes, I was in the marching band. It was a lot of fun, especially in college at the big games.

7. I worked in Disney World for a semester in college at Epcot. I got to show people future products that IBM created. I still can’t believe that was my job because I’m not a “techie” person at all but I loved getting to learn the behind the scenes at such a magical place!

8. My dad was a Navy Diver so as a child, I moved around quite a bit and got to see and experience some cool stuff. I’ve lived in California twice, Virginia twice, Florida twice, and visited Hawaii quite often!
9. I took 6-7 years of piano lessons when I was a child and haven’t played for years. I really want to learn again!

10. I have a total sweet tooth. And yes, it gets me in trouble!
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