This past weekend, one of our associate coordinators attended the wedding of her younger brother in Staunton, Va. The wedding reception took place in an octagonal barn or “round barn” as they’re usually called. The barn was decorated very simply but with a vaulted ceiling, wooden beams, and beautiful structure, it didn’t really need a whole lot of decorating and provided a gorgeous setting to celebrate their wedding. Who would’ve known that such a structure existed so close to home and is available as a wedding venue?


Are you looking for a unique and beautiful place to say your wedding vows?  Here’s a list of America’s “coolest” wedding venues and sure enough, there’s a round barn on the list! Check out 22 of the Coolest Places to Get Married in America.

Are you a Virginia bride looking to get married in the barn shown above? Please visit the American Frontier Culture Museum’s website for more information on their Octagonal Barn.

…and congratulations to the newlyweds, Cameron and Whitney!