Our Uncommon Goods catalog arrived in the mail this week and we wanted to share our favorite gift ideas with you!  Uncommon Goods’ goal is to provide a variety of handmade, organic, and unique products utilizing recycled materials and environmentally friendly production methods.  They also have a selection of the most random and unusual gifts ever. Our favorites this season?


Engraved Couples “Big Spoon, Little Spoon” Bracelets

It may be a rare groom who would willingly wear a bracelet sporting his big/little spoon position; however, if you’re lucky enough to know or be engaged to one we love this bracelet set for a newly married couple. “Hand-cast in Laos from reclaimed aluminum remains of bombs dropped in the 1960’s. this set lets you show how much you care for each other – and the world at large – one loving spoonful at a time.” Who wouldn’t want to wear an engraved wrap bracelet made from the aluminum of a bomb? Ok, maybe it’s a little weird, but it’s still recycled and that’s always a good thing right? Oh, and each bracelet is engraved with “big spoon” and “little spoon” on the back side of the charm. Just in case you forget. $90 for the pair.




Yours, Mine, and Ours Decanter Set

What’s not to love about a classic decanter and beautifully engraved workmanship? “There’s not a spirit out there that’s not improved by some good company.” And this set of one decanter with two glasses inscribed with “yours”, “mine” and “ours” are sure to be a favorite gift for any newlywed couple who appreciates a good spirit. The Art Deco look of these double old fashioned glasses bring a modern yet classic style to any kitchen or bar and are topped with a sophisticated, hand-painted gold rim. This set would be an unforgettable gift for weddings, anniversaries, or just because and the recipients will surely appreciate the gift as they enjoy it for years to come. Not to mention, they also offer an additional design of customized nautical personalized decanters for the beach-themed, nautical, or destination wedding. $65 for the set. $25 for the bottle to fill it up. 🙂

Uncommon Goods has in recent years, offered a wider variety of personalized wedding gifts which you can find here with prices ranging from $110-$650, but this one is our favorites.  At 21″x24″ this is no small piece of art and with a completely customized and personalized design, would be a beautiful piece for the newlyweds. “Sweep the couple off their feet with this enchanting print that commemorates their first dance as man and wife. Chicago-based artist Alexander Doll set scenes of wedded bliss in the context of a classic print announcement that is as stunningly unique as it is timeless… Alexander incorporates personal details, such as the venue, city, date, and the couple’s names, and even the color of their tresses, to give each print a warm, personal touch.” $300.

One more fabulous piece of customizable and personalized art for the new couple – Skyline of Love. This print is available with complete customized options including the couple’s names, date, city, and the artist has a large variety of available cities. Unfortunately for us here in Hampton Roads, he doesn’t offer our hometowns but the list of available cities can be found here so hopefully you’ll have better luck! “This personalized art piece… gives the classic commemorative wedding print a modern edge with its sharp, monochromatic illustrations and its stunning, shadow box mounting… it will remain beautiful and meaningful through every anniversary, from their first to their fiftieth.” $160

Blake Shelton says “You’ll be my glass of wine, I’ll be your shot of whiskey…” but let’s change that to an ice cold beer and you’ve got yourself a personalized wedding set featuring an adorable tree trunk with hand drawn initials. “Available as a set of two wine or pilsner glasses, or one of each, Jennifer Fillinger’s beautiful hand-engraved glasses observe each partner’s preferential taste for wine or beer. These timeless glasses cradle choice beverages as the couple toasts to their time together and to the many years to come… and using a sandblasting method, the sturdy trunk is intricately carved into each glass.” She also offers champagne flutes! $85 per set.
If you liked the tree trunk carvings of those glasses above, add this anniversary wine box to your collection! This beautiful carved birch wood personalized wine box is the perfect wedding gift.”The box has three separate compartments for wine (not included), to be opened and enjoyed on the couple’s 1st, 3rd and 5th anniversaries. Engraved along the front is a tree bark pattern, customized with the “carved” initials of the happy pair. The box also contains other sweet surprises, such as the words “love” and “adore” hidden in the tree bark, and special commemorative messages engraved on the back of each sliding panel.” $130
We hope you’ve enjoyed these unique gifts and if you’re interested in finding more, check out their whole collection of wedding gifts and a huge variety of unique items from Uncommon Goods!