Emily Weddings & Events Team makes the first day of your marriage memorable for all the right reasons.

Consider us your new best friends, your wedding confidantes, and your behind-the-scenes magic makers for your big day. Our team of experts are insurance for your wedding day and are the best investment you can make for a wedding without worry. We’re the first to arrive and the last to leave at every wedding.

Stained dress just before you walk down the aisle? We’ll make it brand new. Dad goes MIA just before cake cutting? We ask the DJ to play another song while we track him down. Dreaming of the perfect first look? We’ll make sure you’re out of sight until the magic moment.

While we make sure that every detail of your wedding is perfect, we also know that your wedding day is so much more than the cake, flowers, and dress.

The day of your wedding is all at once the last day you’re a single woman and the first day you’re a married woman.

It’s the day that transforms your life from yours to yours together.

We give you everything you need (and plenty you might not think of) to make your day perfect and memorable for all the right reasons.

We take on a select number of clientele each year to make sure we can give each one our absolute best. When you have an Emily Wedding you get our team of wedding savants on your side, complete with walkie talkies and sleek black outfits to make us blend in while you stand out.

Could we be The One for you? Let's have a chat, darling.
I once had a thousand desires. But in my one desire to know you all else melted away. - Rumi

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