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Moving to a new home during wedding planning is stressful: Make sure to plan carefully

Planning a wedding is an exciting but stressful endeavor. You have to get everything done on a short timeline, and hope that it all falls into place and everyone is happy. If you’re buying a house in the middle of all that, your stress level can shoot way up: Not only do you have to find the perfect house and sign on the dotted line, you also have to move!


There are ways to get everything done without losing your mind, but you have to be pretty good at planning. Your weekends are probably going to be pretty busy for a while.


Consider your finances: Paying for a wedding and a new house can put a strain on your budget. Make sure you plan for both. Have a firm budget for your wedding and stick to it. If you use credit cards to pay for wedding items and services, make those payments on schedule to remain in good credit standing for your home purchase. Prioritize your wedding must-haves and keep within your budget or you may regret it later. Search Pinterest for ways you can add a DIY touch while knowing where you should spend your money on wedding professionals. Your long-term goal of home-ownership should be properly prioritized along with your wedding plans and budget.  With that said, put a firm cap on your home purchase, too. Know exactly what you can afford before you buy.


If you have a lot of work to do on the house, consider hiring a contractor. According to HomeAdvisor, the average price to remodel a kitchen is $11,951 to $25,009, with a project timeline of six to seven weeks. HomeAdvisor also has a helpful list of the highest-rated kitchen remodelers in Virginia Beach to help you get your money’s worth. It’s important to know what you can afford to do before you buy a fixer-upper. With that said, it can save you money buying a lower-priced home and slowly making renovations. You just have to know what you want before you buy. If you’re super-handy, you can save money by doing it yourself, but you don’t want to have to worry about it in the middle of planning for your big day.


Use your wedding registry: Consider your needs, and add them to your wedding registry. That will help you get what you need instead of too much of one thing. Remember that you might get money as a gift for your wedding, which might change the amount of your down payment for your home purchase. If you think you might get enough to make a difference, consider waiting until after the wedding to make your down payment.


Make sure you and your fiance have discussed your financial goals together. If only one of you wants an elaborate wedding and the other wants to focus on saving and buying a house, you’re likely to have some trouble down the line. Work out some compromises together, and then stick to the plan. Honor each other’s needs, and you’ll be more likely to drift into wedded bliss.


When it’s time to move, make sure you agree on where your items are going. If you haven’t lived together before, finding space for the items of two people can be a challenge. Make sure one of you isn’t losing all his or her stuff while the other takes over. That can cause one person to not feel at home in the new space. Be willing to compromise for the sake of your spouse’s happiness.


With a little advanced planning, you and your new spouse can make a smooth transition into your new home. Before long, you’ll be hosting cookouts and family gatherings in your space, and your friends and family will help you make beautiful memories.

Guest blogger,  Julie Morris