An Emily Weddings team member hugging a bride
Your wedding day is about you and your love.

It’s about celebrating the transformation from an eager engaged couple to giddy newlyweds. It’s about living it up with your nearest and dearest; the ones who have supported you throughout the journey. It’s about savoring your cake, dancing in The Dress, joyously celebrating with your family, and a send-off full of happy tears and hugs.

It certainly is not about reminding every member of the family of their arrival time, or about making sure the florist brought ranunculus instead of roses, or about making sure that you have fresh lipstick on at all moments.

We’re here to make your perfect day a reality for you. Whether you’ve been dreaming of intimate beachside nuptials or a grand bash at a family estate, we are your expert guides for everything wedding. If your mind is maxed-out with decisions from flowers to favors, then just describe your dream wedding and we’ll craft your vision into reality.

We can spot a wedding crasher or wobbly guest faster than you shouted “Yes!” to your proposal.

We’re the first to arrive, and the last to leave. We’re always on the scene, but never make a scene (even when a flower girl goes rogue!).

We’re your confidantes when wedding planning threatens to take over what really matters,
and your best-kept secret for a wedding that’s makes for the best first day of marriage.

An Emily Wedding…

  • Is your wedding day insurance (ever wonder what happens if a wedding planner or other vendor gets sick or has some other emergency? We have a plan for that.)
  • Gets you from “I do” to “we did” without reminding anyone what to wear or when to wear it.
  • Gives you a hand-holding, dress shopping, family-in-law interference playing team of new best friends to get you down the aisle with less stress.
  • Means the only tears you have will be happy ones.
  • Makes your wedding day memorable for all the right reasons.

Our Tools of the Trade:

Headset &
Walkie Talkie
Black Outfits
(aka Toolbelt)
Wedding Day
Emergency Kit
A Smile
Want to know more about us? Come meet our team.

On the first day of your marriage…

Your mind could be spilling over with details about which centerpiece goes where and texting Uncle John back about what time he needs to arrive at the church.


Your mind could be eagerly anticipating the joy and excitement of your new life. Of binding yourself to the person you love in this life most dearly. You could be relaxing and spending the day with those who have been by your side from the beginning and for the best.

With Emily Weddings orchestrating the details, you’ll get the best wedding gift of all:
precious first-day-of-marriage memories, your loved ones celebrating right by your side,
not in another room arranging the place settings.

Could we be The One for you? Let's have a chat, darling.

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