Meet Carrie

Carrie has a soft spot for woodsy, snowy mountain weddings and will work to make sure everything in your dream wedding is 100% perfect, even if she’s going into labor (true story!). She’ll edit your vows to make sure they have perfect grammar, and will always be on hand to calm your pre-wedding nerves with a scented candle or something cozy. She comes from a long line of awesome women; her grandmother once chased a German soldier off with a broom!

10 Fun Things About Carrie
  1. I was born and raised in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. I love snow and all things winter…(except snowboarding. I broke my right arm into five pieces trying that one). Downhill skiing, cross country skiing, sledding, ice skating, snow shoeing are all fun! I love living at the beach, but you can’t take the mountains out of the girl, even when the girl leaves the mountains. ???? I love the smell of fresh cut wood. Reminds me of home. I might be known to walk down the wood aisle of Home Depot just to catch a sniff. Don’t judge me. It reminds me of the forest after it rains.
  2. I spent a month in Russia on an exchange program with Young Life when I was only 15. On our layover in Paris on our way home, we missed the last train back to the airport for the night after exploring the city and ended up sleeping on a park bench in Paris until the trains started running again in early morning. Lots of cool stories from that trip!
  3. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes drive me bonkers. I love a red pen!
  4. I love burning scented candles. There is one burning on my mantle almost daily. It drives my husband crazy because all he sees is the soot mark on the ceiling, but secretly I think he likes the homey atmosphere it creates.
  5. I could live forever on blueberries, guacamole and brie.
  6. I love comfortable and cozy! Yoga pants, blankets, shirts with thumb holes, fireplaces, etc. When my husband and I bought our new vehicle I had to make sure I could comfortably ride with my feet on the dash board. Its my go-to position as a passenger.
  7. I hate cockroaches with a primal passion. I have woken my husband up in the middle of the night, on more than one occasion, to kill them. I don’t mind spiders or snakes, but if the bug has an exoskeleton, it grosses me out. Maybe it’s the crunch, I don’t know. There was one over-persistent cockroach that still gives me the heebie-jeebies.
  8. I love sports and being active! Before kids, you would find me on the indoor or beach volleyball court three times a week and I look forward to getting back on the court as my children get bigger. I especially love my feet in the sand, sun on my skin and friendly competition.
  9. My family heritage is Dutch. My grandparents lived in Rotterdam during WWII. They snuck food to the Jews and watched their neighbors taken away. Oma (Grandma) once chased a German soldier with a broom for getting handsy with her milkmaid! (Maybe I get my spunk from her! ) My grandparents emigrated to the US in 1950, on a boat, through New York City with my dad and uncle in the traditional immigration story. They lived the history we only read about. Oma lived to 99 1/2 years old and is hands down one of my favorite people.
  10. I love planning, weddings and my EWT girls! I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a part of the best day of someone’s life! We have an incredible team of awesome ladies who genuinely love each other and love doing what it takes to make people’s dreams come true. I once finished a wedding at midnight and gave birth to my first child a few hours later. All in a day’s work! I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do with amazing people.

Bonus: Toilet paper – OVER! You know you have an opinion!