A group shot of the whole Emilly Weddings + Events Team

Who is Emily?

Well, besides the actual bosslady, Emily is our everygirl. Emily isn’t just a person, she’s a promise. A promise that you’ll get the absolute best of everything we can give you on your wedding day so that you can focus on preparing for and enjoying the biggest day of your life.

The hiring process for Emily Weddings is highly selective, and then each team member goes through rigorous and

detailed training, taught by the original Emily herself. Each team member can handle anything that comes her way on the big day, and will do it all with a smile on her face.

So, although there’s really only one birth-certificate-official Emily, there are really 9 Emilys on our team, and if you forget our real names, we’ll all happily answer to Emily.


The original Emily and bosslady of the office. She’s sung her way to the top and doesn’t miss a beat when the unexpected happens. She harkens back to her Disney World days to make sure that every wedding is as smooth as it is special, and is always available to support her clients or team when things crescendo out of control. Her life is a grand adventure, and she’s the kind of lady you want in your life. Michael Buble thinks so too–he even proposed to her once!


Brittney is the go-to gal at Emily Weddings for all things beach related. She’s loved weddings her whole life, and she especially loves marriage. Getting to orchestrate the details of a wedding so that a couple can focus on what matters most makes her heart sing with joy. Learn more about her sun-and-surf filled life.


Kate is an artist at heart and brings an artistic touch to everything she does at Emily Weddings. She’s equally skilled with a makeup brush or a paintbrush, and will probably (definitely!) tear up during your wedding (thank goodness for waterproof mascara!). Read more about the newsworthy reason her wedding started an hour late.


Carrie has a soft spot for woodsy, snowy mountain weddings and will work to make sure everything in your dream wedding is 100% perfect, even if she’s going into labor (true story!). She’ll edit your vows to make sure they have perfect grammar, and will always be on hand to calm your pre-wedding nerves with a scented candle or something cozy. She comes from a long line of awesome women; her grandmother once chased a German soldier off with a broom!


Karen’s cheerful personality can make the most stressful moments serene, and she’s our resident bridal gown expert. Taffeta or tulle, she can repair it with her tool bag of tricks. She’ll help you get glowing for the big day with her skincare expertise, and can give you tips on all the best local wine to source for your wedding.


Rachel’s planned everything from mega-celebrity events to intimate family weddings and knows how to make each everything you want it to be. Her favorite events are one that make someone’s dream come true (especially if there’s cake involved!). She knows the best-kept secrets in Hawaii and Florida, and she’ll share her secrets so that you get just want you want without the crowds.


It’s a sailor’s life for Elaine–she lives on a boat! On land or at sea, she can put even the most sea-sick guest at ease with her charm and smooth sailing skills. She’ll literally teach you how to tie the knot–just ask! She’s punctual and poised and keeps everyone and everything running smoothly for your big day.


Andelyn is an expert event planner and promises that she won’t book your wedding night in a Volkswagen Beetle (she knows from experience that it’s not the best night’s sleep). She’s a natural hostess and got her start by planning events for her Beanie Babies at the age of 5. She knows that the best part of a wedding is when the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time, so she always works to make that moment extra special.

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