In a technological age of iPhones, iPads, iPods, smart phones, digital cameras, twitter, tumblr, facebook, and instagram, it’s no wonder couples are starting to feel that their wedding is being over-run by cameras. Nearly every couple hires a professional photographer and they usually spend a few thousand dollars for these photos. The photographer scopes out the venue prior to the start of the wedding, finds the best lighting, positioning, and viewpoint to capture the moments in time that will become your best memories. As the photographer prepares to capture that perfect shot of your first kiss, five guests stand up in front of him with their iPhones and completely ruin the photographer’s shot. Bust.

At the end of the day, do we really believe that our iPhone photos, instagram posts and facebook tags are going to be better quality than the photo a professional could’ve taken of the same thing? Of course not.  We all know that those huge expensive cameras will take a better picture than our phones but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves! We’re excited! We want to share our excitement with the world! We just have to get that shot!

So eventually it becomes obvious that you would rather have the photographer take the shots rather than a slew of phones that may or may not ruin those photos that you’re paying a photographer to take… but how do you tell your guests that you don’t want them to take photos during your wedding? That seems just wrong doesn’t it?

We found a photographer who addresses this situation in a very well written and helpful way – explaining to your guests that you would rather them sit back and enjoy the day without feeling the pressure of documenting every second.

Take some time to read the full article and also see some of the photos taken by this photographer that were ruined by guest photographers.

Are you having an unplugged wedding?